Hang On Baby
Predicts The Future

Song 003: Plumtree - Hang On Baby (off Predicts the Future - 1997)

Plumtree is both one of my favourite girl bands of all time AND one of my favourite Maritime bands of all time. That makes them kind of a big deal to me. Though they disbanded ten years ago, I predict that 2010 will be their most successful year yet.

However, this post isn’t about their most famous song, the graphic novel series it inspired or the $100,000,000 blockbuster movie. Why not? Because that’s all they’ll ever be known for by the masses, and that’s a damn shame. Don’t get me wrong - I am a Bryan Lee O’Malley fangirl (going on quite a few years now - proof)… I just think they should be remembered for their poppy hooks and choruses and how much effing FUN those four girls from Halifax sound like they’re having. They should be remembered as one of two girl groups to emerge at the forefront of the East Coast scene in the 90s (the other being, of course, JALE) and for inspiring dozens of female-centric rock bands all across the country since then.

I chose Hang On Baby as my song of the day - it’s off the same album as That Other Song, but when they follow Thrush Hermit's lead and reunite (it's both inevitable and delightful at this point) I'd rather hear them play this than their single. It's just so damn jangly…

Now, the lyrics - so simple and repetitive (in perfect Plumtree style), yet the listener knows exactly what the situation is. Before you can say “He’s just not that into her” you’re nodding your head and humming - and then it’s over! So you listen again. And again. And again. After a few plays, it’s permanently in your head. If that’s not the sign of a well-crafted pop/rock song, I don’t know what is.